Against the background of the recent economical developments we have published a new practical guide to redundancy and work force restructuring in Germany. You will learn which essential requirements of labour and employment law need to be taken into account when planning a restructuring project including the work force. Download our guide here.


The IPBA Journal published an articel of EMPLAWYERS-Partner Roland Falder on the requirements of a modern compliance system in a German organisation and the risks of non-compliance.

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Human Resources has become more critical than ever. The era of globalization showed challenges, previous discussions of “war of the talents” are exhausted, but being amid digitalization and the challenges of the millennials (generation Y), will prove to be even more challenging for organizations. Not to forget we will have the iGeneration (generation Z) which will be following soon. Sunny Harrision of Global HR Consulting talked with Frank Walk about the legal challenges of digitalization.

Which topics in labor regulations in Germany are changing the fastest currently?
I see the problem with regards to the fact that the labor regulations do not keep up with the pace with the actual changes in the workplace. For example the topic of work time: In Germany, the law states a strict maximum of 10 working hours per day with an uninterrupted rest period of 11 hours. This means that if an employee checks his e-mails for 5 minutes in the evening before going to bed at 11 o'clock, he can only start working at 10:06 the next morning. This is not consistent with the modern workplace reality.