Employment law is the tool to implement,
control and execute Compliance rules.

Updates and new entries

One of the main challenges for HR in implementing a valid and enforceable compliance policy is the need to constantly monitor and update its content and to take care that all employees, old and new, are adequately trained and aware of their duties.

In case of any dispute, be it with an individual employee or a supervisory government body, there needs to be proof that all employees are aware of the policies content and that violations have been consequently reprimanded.

For HR, this is a considerable challenge. Its files need to document the following:

  • An initial risk analysis to identify potential areas of compliance issues
  • All employees have subscribed to the latest version of each and every policy
  • All departments have monitored all new developments that might make an update of a policy necessary
  • All department heads and responsible personnel have continuously trained their employees, and have monitored and reported violations to HR and/or management
  • There is a clear delegation of responsibilities within the organisation
  • There have been regular training sessions and compliance audits
  • It is clear where all documents giving proof for each item above are stored, and can immediately be retrieved in case of a governmental or court procedure

The failure to comply with any one task above might constitute a compliance problem for HR, and can thus lead to grave consequences for the company and its management.